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Drag a block to the right:

Send a Message

Send a message to user e.g "Hi"

Ask Question with Options

E.g Ask gender.

Ask Question with Input

E.g Ask Name.

Conditional Jumps

E.g Address as Mr. if gender is male

Send a Picture

E.g a product photo or simply a GIF?

Receive Email

Get e-mail of the responses collected.

Script Block

Meant for developers.


Get data from an API/URL.

Post API

Post data to an API/URL.

Embed this code in your website before the closing </body> tag:

window.botflow_bot_id = '6428baab-f88f-4c18-8d16-98bb1dac80f9';
window.botflow_bot_name = 'FirstBot';
<script src=""></script>

Want a shareable page instead?

Here is your link:

P.S Don't forget to "Publish" your bot for above to work.